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The simplest answer to that is because it offers great potential for profits. Binary options trading has become the go-to solution for traders worldwide due to its simplicity and promising returns. Binary options trading has gained popularity and immense following in such a short time, and following are a few advantages that you could benefit from too by investing in binary options trading.



You don’t have to wait for the markets to open to start trading. Binary options is the most accessible of trading available today. You don’t need to follow specific time schedules to access their accounts and start trading. It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Hence, you make money when it is the most suitable for you.


Your Choice of Investments

Trading requires a huge capital, or at least it used to. Small investors used to get discouraged due to the huge amounts of investments required to start trading. Binary options has made trading accessible to all. You can start with a low investment and build your trading empire from the brick up.



This is perhaps the Ultimate Selling Point of binary trading. It is simple to understand which makes it easier for people from all walks of life to start investing and reaping benefits. You don’t need to be a professional trader or an economist to understand the tricks of the trade. It is the simplest form of trading which is made simpler with the help of binary options signals. Binary options signals are messages delivered to traders providing them with important information regarding an asset’s fluctuating value. This makes it easier for the trader to make informed decisions and increase the chances of success.


Instant Results

Unlike regular trading, you don’t have to invest in an asset and hold your breath for the next couple of months or even years to reap benefits. These options come with a specific time frame, even as low as 60 seconds (!), to make investing fun and fast paced. Investor is given the liberty to choose an expiry time of an option. It is then up to you whether you opt for a few days, hours or even seconds. 60 seconds trading has become the most popular as it allows you to make up to 75% of profit in a matter of seconds.


Risk Management


The biggest turnoff of trading can be the risk associated with it. With binary options trading, your risks are limited and under your control. You don’t just ‘bet all’ and then pray for the outcome to turn in your favour. You can take calculated risks so as to limit your loss in case the trading ends up being unsuccessful.



Binary options trading offers investors the flexibility to customise their own trades. Binary trading offers a number of choices for the traders. You can opt to trade on Forex (USD/JPY, USD/CAD etc) or on commodities (oil, gold, silver etc.) or on stocks (Google Inc., Facebook etc.). This gives the trader the freedom to select the trade he/she is most comfortable with or invest in diverse trades to increase chances of success.

These are just some of the many advantages and conveniences offered by binary trading. Binary options signals makes all these advantages turn in your favor and make the most of these opportunities.

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Binary Option Robot Review

The development of mechanized exchanging binary options has comprehensively reflected the added to the utilization of robotized exchanging other exchanging markets. It is presently conceivable to exchange with in part or completely computerized systems and exchange copiers on most records.

The mechanized exchanging that these frameworks give have to lead to them picking up the name of ‘robots’. This is on the grounds that a binary option robot can be left to naturally exchange on a record, in numerous examples without intercession from the exchange themselves.


Individuals need to profit. Mechanizing the exchanging procedure offers a route in which very nearly anybody can exchange a methodology for them, regardless of the fact that they don’t comprehend the mechanics of exchanging themselves.

Utilizing computerized robots is as straightforward as opening a record, setting up the product and after that kicking back and viewing the cash come in. Well, that is the hypothesis!

It is imperative for anybody considering exchanging with a binary options robot must be alright with mechanical exchanging methodologies. In the event that you are not then, it bodes well to avoid “robots.”

Robot exchanging frameworks do not have the capacity of normal thought. This implies they don’t be able to respond to key business sector changes or news. By their extremely nature, they are just ever ready to recreate mechanical methodologies. This implies an aggregate dependence on a specialized investigation to distinguish section focuses and exits for an exchange.


While this is not a weakness in the event that you put stock in the capacity for mechanical exchanging techniques to convey, it is, however, worth indicating out on the off chance that you have a desire that a robot can convey much else.

Does Automated Trading Work?

robot-downloadThis is the key inquiry. There is just the same old thing new in the idea of applying robotized procedures to budgetary exchanging. Numerous top venture banks use specialized methodologies to awesome impact throughout the years to oversee billions of dollars on half of the customers. Common, Pension and Hedge store directors oftentimes depend upon mechanical exchanging calculations to trigger purchasing and offering in the business sector at predefined costs as a piece of their procedures.

However, while such calculations have money related believability among numerous built up foundations, their application is regularly fairly distinctive to the frameworks promoted at retail binary options dealers.

There are however dangers to exchanging with robots. Numerous dealers won’t give an idea to these as, so edgy they will be to get the product running o their record when they get their hands on it. The dangers, however, are genuine and ought to be considered when weighing up the ace’s and con’s of binary options robots. While these may not be appropriate to every framework that you go over, you ought to remember these focuses before settling on a choice in respect to whether exchanging with a binary options robot will fit in your exchanging methodology.


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There are not many things to say about StockPair. Whatever I write here, you have have probably seen in a review written by someone else. And because of that fact I will not write review about StockPair. Well I will write about StockPair ( you guessed that from the title of this article ), but this article will not be a standard type of review. In this article I want to point out signals that StockPair provides, and I want to talk about them. If you plan to trade over StockPair or you are already trading without usage of those signals you should pay attention, only because StockPair signals are not your usual broker signals.

If you didn’t know, which you probably didn’t since you are reading this article, signals you can find on StockPair aren’t provided by them, but the third party. Because of this you must pay a monthly fee to receive and make something with those signals. StockPair did this for several reasons. They didn’t want to force their traders to use signals, and they know that signal generation is best left in the hands of professionals.

When you pay the fee for signals you will be able to use their help in trading on StockPair platform. StockPair allows usage of any signal providers but the best thing is to go with those they recommended. You may be tempted by free signal providers, but you should realize that those signals are not nearly accurate as paid signals are. And using signals from parties that are not recommended by StockPair may interfere with trading which can lead to losses in trades that shouldn’t have happened.


You will get these signals through sms. These signals contain predictions based on loads and loads of information about future change of the asset price. You can also receive those signals through mail. But the best way of getting those signals is through the account on StockPair. This is the fastest and the best way to get signals, because this way you can react in time and place your trades. If you are late and significant amount of time passes from the moment you receive signal and the moment you can place the trade you should discard that signal. This is due asset liquidity. Signals are provided for assets that are more liquid at that moment than the other assets, and if you are even 5 minute late for the signal, conditions on the market will change, and following old signal may result in the loss of the trade.


If market and the asset condition changes in few moments after you receive the signal you will be informed about that change, and new signal will be provided if there is a predictable direction of that asset. The broker system StockPair uses is updated multiple times per day, which is reflected in more accurate signals you get. And if you want to see more brokers and their reviews, you can see CTOption review.

My conclusion would be that StockPair has done good job with the distribution of signals. You have to pay to receive them, but they based on more relevant information compared to free signals. And I can recommend them if you want a bit of help while trading.
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    Some people actually enjoy in the hard work, since it provides them with a strong sense of self-accomplishment or some other similar psychological effect, but there are also those who are perfectly happy when, and if, someone else does all the hard work for them. Well, to be honest, most of us belong to the second group and that also explains why binary options signals have become so popular and why trading in binary options is basically unimaginable without those short messages and tips.

signalReceiving binary signals is essentially using someone else’s hard work, although that person does get financial compensation for their service, but the trader who is subscribed to the signals usually gets to reap the rewards. Some of the best binary options signals that are currently available on the market are offering very high quality of services and the subsequent results of their predictions are very often highly profitable. Every trader who is interested in increasing his profits or just making more money with his business operations should consider signing up to a signals provider of their own taste.

There are lots and lots of companies that are offering the services of sending binary options signals, and they are generally created by groups of analysts, mathematicians and other experts who all work together and constantly monitor the global market in order to find certain patterns and try to predict how are the prices of certain assets going to behave in the upcoming period. When they find something what they consider as a bet with high probability, they send that to customers, i.e. the traders who are interested in their services and pay money for those tips. There are also software programs that are designed to analyze and check constant fluctuations in the market and then make signals on their own, so customers can choose between power of the human brain or the strength of the computer program.

UpDown Signals - Binary Options Trading Strategy!

Even though some of those providers are scams and cheaters, and some are just not good enough at what they do, there still are those which are perfectly good at their job and have the full right to be listed in those groups that number the best binary options signals on the market nowadays. Some of those well-known names are “Binary Options Trading Signals”, “Binary Options PRO Signals”, “UpDown Signals”, “Signals365”, “24Option”, “Winner Binary Signals” and many, many more. All of these companies are reliable and respectable signals providers and they all have certain features and characteristic that make them different from one another, but they are essentially very similar and all do one job very good – they provide accurate and successful signals in a timely manner, which is the key ingredient of any good bid.

If you are still in doubt whether binary options signals are the way to go, than maybe a trial period which some of these companies offer, will be enough time to try out how signals perform in real life and why these websites really are the providers of the best binary options signals.
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In this article I will skip all introduction of both my way of writing articles and general information about Porter Finance. The chance is that you already know a lot about Porter Finance since you came upon this article. So to save both you and me from repetition of already known facts, let us skip to the part I want to write about.  Because of all the mentioned things, I will assume that you possess basic knowledge about binary options trading and Porter Finance. This article will focus on trading part of Porter Finance, ways you can trade to be more precise.

SpotOption platform is widely used platform, and Porter Finance is one of the brokers that uses it. I don’t have to give you any reasons for that, because why change what is working perfectly is the thought direction Porter Finance and many others follow. The number of assets, 59, is not much, to be honest, it is really small number of assets if you compare it to other platforms and other brokers. Average Porter Finance payout until now is 75 percent, which is in the range of most brokers. They offer 10 percent of refund if your trade is out of money which is a nice gesture and can save you a lot of money if you end up with a bad run.


If you have some history of binary options trading then this platform is going to be easy to use. Porter Finance can be used on mobile phones too. But I must tell you that binary options trading over phones, even with the use of signal provider Porter Finance has, is not recommended. This is simply because you can’t follow and receive all the information necessary for decent trading over mobile devices.

Now let me present you all possible trade types Porter Finance has to offer.

  1. Porter-Finance-HomeBinary trading is basic up and down ( high or low ) trading. The point is to choose the correct way the price of asset is going to end up at the end of time period you choose ( expiry ).
  2. 60 second trading is high or low trading where expiry time is set on 60 seconds. I am against this type of trading because you can’t really determine how it’s going to end, you have to guess, and point of trading is not to guess but to predict with the use of information.
  3. Long term trades are high or low trades whose expiry times are extra long ( in some cases you can set trades to end in 4 or 5 months ). In most cases long term trades are trades that have expiry rates set on few weeks. This can be profitable if you know that certain event will have influence on the asset you are trading.
  4. Pairs trading is simply placing your money on one of two assets you think will behave better on the market than his counterpart.
  5. One touch trading is a bit different than normal trading. You choose a price higher or lower, and if the asset price touches that point in the given time, you win.
  6. Ladder type of trading is based on so called rungs. Rungs are points which price has to hit for you to win. The more rungs it hits, the more money you get.
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At the beginning I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by everything 24Option has to offer to a mediocre trader like me. I know that the beginning of the article is not supposed to contain conclusion of a review which is about to be written, but there you are. You have probably already knew that this review is going to be a positive one, because if you tried 24Option or have read one of the reviews about it you know that there is nothing bad to be written about 24Option. So this is another 24Option review ( short one in fact ) that tells you how good 24Option actually is.

24option is one of the first binary options broker ever, established back in 2010. They got their regulation papers in 2014, which forced them to stop accepting American traders. But that didn’t cause the drop of traders, but it drew in traders who didn’t want to trade on unregulated brokers.

24Option support service is in the top tier of support services compared to all the other brokers and their support. They can be reached in any time of the day and you can choose from 10 different languages to speak with them.


Platform of 24Option is customer friendly, and aims to provide easy navigation through all the options they offer. They have a lot of tools for easier trading, and new tools are added constantly. One of the tools if you want to call it like that is a free demo account. You won’t receive one from the beginning, but whenever you request it they will provide you with one which contains 50 000 dollars of virtual cash. I noticed that they will agree to add more virtual money if you ran empty, you just have to ask them to do it.

I have seen no problems with deposit or withdrawal processes. Deposit is done instantly and bonus will be offered for every deposit. Whether you choose to accept it or not is up to you, because they will remind you every time that bonus has requirements that go with it.  Withdrawal is done in 2 working days. Sometimes there may be issues and it will take longer, but 7 days is maximum length of withdrawal process.

If you plan to trade for long time on 24Option then you should pay attention to their promotions. Every promotion has its own terms and you should read about each of them. These promotions are good for traders that plant to trade for months.

Traders will also benefit from free signals. How many of these free signals you receive depends on what account you have. For further information consult people from 24Option, or check their FAQ section.

Learn more about 24option

24Option is regulated by CySEC, but they also have EU license, their number if you are interested is 207/13. The safety of your money is you primary concern ( or it should be ), and 24Option is connected and follow the rules set by MiFID, which means broker can’t scam you without severe consequences.

So, if you want to trade binary options, 24Option is a broker you should use.

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